Portland Manor joins myrun

Portland Manor Country Hotel in Rheenendal has signed up as a myrun venue and will host run/walk events every Sunday morning once the routes have been established on the estate. It is one of only three myrun venues in the Garden Route and will offer all three approved distances: 2,5 km, 5 km and 10 km.

Myrun is a community focussed fitness company that hosts free weekly fitness events to encourage and inspire people of all ages to be more active. The events are run by volunteers at venues throughout the country.

Portland was introduced to myrun through Peter Szeili, co-owner of KnysnaX sporting events, based in the Garden Route and specialising in outdoor adventure events. With many years of experience in organising mountain biking, running, and other adventures, Peter was quick to realise that Portland Manor would be a great venue for myrun, which he had been involved with for a number of years. He introduced the relevant parties and, having got the ball rolling, assisted with setting up the courses.

The routes at Portland are through the scenic Portland farm with its indigenous fynbos landscapes and forests and will take you on a circular course around the expansive Lawnwood Dam.

Portland Manor GM Chris Schutte says that everybody who is interested in improving their health and fitness levels by exercising in nature is welcome. “If you are unfit, you can start slowly and walk the 2,5 km route,” says Chris. “Children of all ages can do the runs, although children under 11 have to be accompanied by an adult.”

The events are free once you have registered on the myrun website and paid a once-off fee for your timing band. You will then be able to check your results online after each event and these will be recorded.

Says Chris: “When you register, make sure to click ‘Portland Manor’ as the venue so that you can collect your timing band at the hotel when you do your first run or walk.”

Events are not venue specific and once you have your timing band you will be able to participate at any venue. You will also not have to register again. You simply arrive at your venue of choice and start your walk/run.

“We are very pleased that we are able to bring this event to the Knysna community,” says Chris, “and we are really looking forward to hosting our first event. It’s not just a fun event for the whole family, it has an admirable social investment component raising money for ILoveBoobies breast cancer charity which is myrun’s official CSI partner.”

Keep a close eye on our Facebook page to see when the first myrun at Portland Manor will take place. This fun event will start at 8 am. Participants should be there half an hour earlier to collect their timing bands. After the event you’ll be able to enjoy breakfast or a leisurely brunch at the hotel’s new restaurant, the Cowshed, with its outdoor seating and views across the gardens and dam.

For more information and to register, go to www.myrun.org.za.

Booking is essential

Portland Manor - myrun